All curriculum is tailored to the individual student. This means that teaching methods are applied with recognition of each Child's challenges and strengths. We recognize that a disability does not mean an excuse to fail. All of our students are expected to achieve their potential. We are dedicated to making sure that a child's I.E.P. is a "living document", designed for a real purpose, and diligently pursued or, where necessary, MODIFIED. The Passageway curriculum follows the California State Standards as defined by the California Department of Education. This is enhanced by state-of-the-art computer lab and an abundance of standard based software programs accommodating a continuum of cognitive skills to reach all students. Passageway school emphasizes experiential learning and community-based instruction for students following a Functional Skills Curriculum. Project-based learning, wherein students create to learn, combined with daily work on IEP goal progress permits us to provide a superior learning environment. Students are exposed to an incentive program where they have daily opportunities to "Earn and Learn" as part of a holistic behavior modification program which rewards proper behavior amply, tangibly, and readily.

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