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P.A.T.H.S. Program

A Post-Secondary educational opportunity for students with special needs.

The P.A.T.H.S. Program. presented by Passageway School. serves students with disabilities ages 18-22 providing individualized instruction driven by the California Content Standards and a standards-based functional skills curriculum. Students enrolled in PATHS have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) in place. The IEP defines a course of action. based on students' needs. to assist the student in reaching his or her highest potential.

  • P.A.T.H.S.
  • P- Preparation
  • A- Achievement
  • T-Transition
  • H- High Experience and Expectation
  • S-Skill Development

This specialized program places students on PATHS of Preparation toward greater independence. greater Achievement of goals and objectives. Transition from high school into adulthood. High Experience and Expectation in the home. the classroom and the community; along with functional and academic Skill Development.

The P.A.T.H.S. Program's primary goal is to create a smooth transition from high school into adult life for students with disabilities and their families. We encourage students to understand their disability and to develop an awareness or available accommodations. modifications. support systems and services. As they do. they become strong-minded self-advocates moving toward a better and brighter future. While our program and practices do not guarantee 1 success. they do increase the students' chances of attaining a full and satisfying life.

The P.A.T.H.S. Program's is dedicated to providing students with a quality educational program that promotes communication and behavioral growth. The program provides a visually-structured classroom environment, utilizing behavior modification techniques and positive behavior support strategies as well as providing a safe and support environment aimed at reducing student anxiety.

In conjunction with individualized instruction and functional skills curricular instruction, the program provides integration opportunities for students.These include (CBI) Community Based Instruction and vocational training. CBI consists of training in:

  • street safety
  • public transportation
  • functional survival skills
  • laundry use
  • grocery/department store shopping and
  • restaurant access

Vocational training exposes students to a variety of job experiences which allows them to determine their own interests and strengths. Skills are embedded in the classroom and performed at job sites with staff support via Workability. Job sites can include a variety of work experiences including retail, restaurant, custodial, office and more. We encourage students to discover and use assistive technology, embed beginning computer skills and gain access to mainstream educational opportunities.

The P.A.T.H.S. Program additionally provides computer instruction available to students via the computer lab. This segment is designed to teach basic computer skills with an emphasis on word processing.

All instruction promotes independence in seven curricular domains:

Communication: These skills are related to the ability to process, comprehend, and express information. Student development of receptive and expressive language skills, non-verbal and gestural communication, the use 2 of augmentative communication systems, and the ability to comprehend and express emotions are embedded in all instruction.

Community Access, Motor Skills: These skills are related to gross motor development and physical access to the community in a variety of activities during community based instruction (CBI) outings.

Functional Academics: The program focuses on the attainment of skills that are functional in terms of self-help and independent living. We utilize core curriculum material which is adapted and/or modified to meet the needs of each individual student. Within this domain, we work on the development of prerequisite skills such as fine motor development, cognitive understanding and pre-operational activities.

Recreation, Leisure: This domain relates to the pursuit of hobbies, interests, sports or other free time activities, and includes instruction in relationship awareness

Self-Care, Independent Living: Skills related to toileting, eating, dressing, hygiene and grooming are addressed in our daily classroom schedule, and assistance in instruction is given according to individual student needs. Instruction is also given in Life Skills:

  • living and functioning within a home
  • maintaining good health and wellness
  • accessing the community to purchase needed goods and services, and
  • cooking and planning meals is a favorite of students.

Students learn to plan, purchase, prepare, serve meals and clean up for themselves and others.

Social/Emotional: Regulating behavior, social interaction and learning to control impulses are all important aspects of this domain. Our Wellness curriculum includes Circles 1 and 2. This program teaches relationship boundaries and addresses relationship-specific behaviors ensuring the safety of our student’s mental, emotional, physical, and social health.

Vocational: Instruction in this domain exposes students to a variety of job experiences, develops specific work skills, and trains students in acquiring and holding a job in the community. Additionally, instruction may include task completion, self-management and job related interactions with peers and adults. The Transition Planning Inventory (TPI) is an example of curriculum 3 utilized to help prepare students to function independently and productively as family members, citizens and workers and to enjoy fulfilling personal lives.

Studies have shown that successful students recognize that challenges are part of the learning process, so by establishing and maintaining a learning environment that encourages perseverance through adversity, the P.A.T.H.S. Program teaches students to take risks and try new things while equipping them to calmly endure the challenges that come with growth and learning.

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