WorkAbility I Works!

WorkAbility I is a nationally recognized school-to-work program that provides comprehensive career assessment and guidance, job development training, worksite training/employment opportunities and job placement support for high school youth with disabilities who are making the transition from school to work, independent living and post-secondary education or training.

WorkAbility is a valued component of the California Department of Education's workforce development system as it strives to meet the needs of all students.

WorkAbility I Works because it meets individual student needs, abilities and interests.

  • For students with disabilities, WorkAbility I empowers them to access resources, become productive citizens and complete education and training which allows them to succeed in adult life.
  • For employers, WorkAbility I provides workers who are job-ready and who are prepared to enter the workplace as a valued employee.
  • For society, WorkAbility I prepares secondary students with disabilities to become economically selfsufficient to their maximum potential.

WorkAbility I Works

  • WorkAbility I collaborates with local agencies and resources to ensure an unduplicated, cost effective delivery of services.
  • WorkAbility I documents performance and accountability with a two year follow-up data collection system that verifies student transition to employment and post-secondary education.
  • WorkAbility I emphasizes strong work ethics and provides secondary students with an understanding of job seeking and job keeping skills. The employability of the student is further enhanced by structured vocational training and subsidized and unsubsidized work experience.
  • Local WorkAbility I programs successfully coordinate comprehensive services tailored to meet the local economic, societal and geographic needs.
  • Referral by WorkAbility I staff to post-secondary education/training, employment and adult service provider agencies increases the likelihood of students becoming successful, contributing adults in their communities.

WorkAbility is Local

The Ventura County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) has operated a WorkAbility I Program since the mid-1980s. This year, the project will place over 800 special education students in paid jobs in Ventura County. 15 high school sites within Ventura County participate in the project.

Background Information

  • WorkAbility I, since 1982, has successfully conducted interagency coordination of services with the State Employment Development Department, State Department of Rehabilitation, and California Department of Education.
  • Annually, over 10,000 employers statewide have found 25,000 students to be reliable employees who are well prepared for entry level employment and assets to their business. As a consequence, employers and labor unions have built strong, long-term partnerships with local WorkAbility I staff.
  • WorkAbility I has received national and state recognition of its success in matching young adults with disabilities to employers.
  • WorkAbility I was initiated in 1981 in response to a California Department of Education study indicating students with disabilities were not being adequately prepared for the labor market.
  • The WorkAbility I program is funded and administered by the California Department of Education's Special Education Division.

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