Ruth Boyko


My name is Ruth Boyko. I am honored to have been selected to teach here at Passageway School. Special education has been my concentration for the last 15 years. It has been a wonderful journey of experience and knowledge. I received a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts from Cal State University of Northridge and completed my Level II Mild to Moderate teaching credential from there as well. Later, I received a credential in Moderate to Severe teaching and earned two Master's Degrees, one in Educational Curriculum and the other in Administration.

My teaching philosophy is simple, “Students do not care how much you know until they know how much you care”. Individuals and small groups learn best when they feel that their teacher cares about them. I believe in tactile, audio, visual and technical learning through topics that spark my student’s interests. When instructing, I like to incorporate a culture of handouts, books, video and technological learning.

Special Olympics is an organization which gives every individual with challenges a chance to discover their new strengths, skills, confidence and successes. It motivates students to participate to the best of their abilities. I have just begun to volunteer with Special Olympics. I like it because I can inspire students to open their hearts wide to a world of human talents and potential.

My hobbies are art, music and cooking. Art energizes me because it helps me to unleash the inner beauty and blessings which surround me. Music helps me and my friends to express how we are feeling. My favorite hobby is cooking. I cook with my friends and family. Creating dishes and following recipes gives us time to socialize, be creative and spend time together. Sometimes we also cook together in community gatherings. Most people love to eat. Whether hot, spicy, cold, or gooey, my family, friends and students enjoy the end result. Cooking is a lot like life. Our possibilities of diversity are endless and we can all enjoy the mixture.


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